The SCMAFC 'Script'     2017  


January   Engine Oil Information - Part 1
              The Model A Ford Horn
              Overcoming My Generator Phobia



February  100K in a Model A
                Model AAxle Straightening
                Model A Cooling Woes
                Era Fashions - What’s New?

March  Proper use of ZDP in Engine Oils
            Understanding the Model A Carburetor
            The Rouge River Complex

April  What’s in your oil?
          Model ATransmissions
May   Tech Talk Update
          From Alemite to Zerk
          AATruck Project is Complete
          Choosing the Proper Oil Type
          Heritage Park Brunch
          Model A’s Car Judging
June   Technical Advice for Club Members
          Get Yout Motor Runnin’ - Part 2
          SCMAFC Safety Check Day

September  A Northwest MAFCA Region Update
                  An Update on Andy Smith’s Truck
                  Various Summer Tours -photos
                  Rocky Mountain House Tour Page
                  2017 Model A and T Car Rally
October   Memorial Fall Colours Tour
                Engine Oil Information - Part Three
                Cochrane Brunch
November  Calgary Downtown History Walking Tour
                  Engine Oil Information - Part 4
                  Shoes for the Beach and other casual activities
                  SCMAFC 2017 Christmas Party update
December  A Thank you to our advertisers
                  Engine Technical Bulletin
                 A word from Outgoing MAFCA President
                 NOS licence plates by Rene DeCae