The SCMAFC 'Script'     2018  


January   2017 Christmas Party Report
               History and Tribute to our Club Founders
               Can You Find What’s Different ?



February  An update from George McKenzie
                Historical AATruck
                Can you find what’s different?
                Diesel Oil has changed!

 March  Find the Differences
             Remembering John Tupper
             ZDDP Oil Article                   
             MAFCA Membership Offer

April   Build a Distributor Workstand
          A Puzzling Situation
          Parts and Tools for the Ride Along
          2018 SCMAFC Tours Schedule
May  Leo DeSautel Remnant Parts Disposal
         Blackfoot Diner Tour
         Model A Capacities - 600W Oil
June  2018 SCMAFC Tours Schedule
        Tupper Family and the SCMAFC
        SCMAFC Safety Check Event
        The Tupper Family Model A Parts Sale

September  Highwood Pass Tour
                  Tupper Coupe Project Update
                  Henry’s 90th Birthday
                  Tupper’s Parts Sale
October   Technical Advise and Assistance
                Tupper Coupe Status Update
                2018 Christmas Party Notice
November   Heritage Park Brunch
                   Christmas Party Details 
                   Engine Rebuild Session
December   Heritage Park Volunteer Request
                   SCMAFC Christmas Party Photos
                   Christmas Party Report