The Script 2021

January   Club Fee Payments
               Membership Pins
               Newsletter Awards
February  Sid Gough’s Tech Talk
               The Ahooguh Origin
               That Phillips-head screw….
March  MAFCA and NW Region Topics 
Model 180-A Deluxe Phaeton   
       Report on Coupe Session                 
April    Tours and Events for 2021
            Model A Ammeter Issues
            Model 180-A DeLuxe Phaeton
May     2021 Tours and Activities
            The Electric Vehicle Conundrum   
June   Model A Safety Checks
          Tours and Events Schedule
September  Beverly Centre Display  
Black Diamond Tour   
Canada’s Rarest Model A Ford      
October Christmas Party Cancellation
              MAFCA/NW MAFCA Region News
               A Car is Reborn
November  Technical Assistance for Members
                  Solar Flare Disruptions 
                  Bitten by the Model A Bug
December  A Lesson Learned 
                 End of Season Sunday Brunch
                 An Alert re. Collector Car Parts