The SCMAFC 'Script'     2022  

January      Introduction of MAFCA - Part 1 
                  Beads in Era Fashions
                  2022 Tour Ideas
February    1931 Slant Window Fordor Project
                  Harnessing Fusion Energy
                  Membership in MAFCA - Part 2
                  How to Refinish License Plates
                  John Potts 1931 Model A
March        Model A to Middle Europe 
                  Changes in Auto Paint
                  Tours and Events 2022
April           First Event of 2022 
                   SCMAFC Survey Results
                   Rose Bud Theater Tour Plans 
                   Tours and Events Schedule V5
May            Ogden Historical Tour 
                   The Buckley 1930 Tudor 
                   The Bullseye Pick
June            Rosebud Theatre Tour 
                   Safety Inspection Day 
                   Okotoks Show and Shine
September  Model A Licence Plates 
                   Michaelís Roadster Pickup Update 
                   Burtz Engine Seminar
October      An A in BC Page 
                   Car Rally and BBQ report 
                   Club Anniversary Announcement 
                   Fall Colours/Memorial Tour report 
                   Christmas Party Announcement
                   A Most Generous Gift
November  2022 Christmas Party Announcement 
                   The EV Evolution 
                   2022 Tours/Events Summary 
                   SCMAFC 50th Anniversary Luncheon
December   Membership Directorís Message
                    Stoplight Switch Remedies
                    Christmas Party Report and Photos