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Updated: March 21, 2024

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For Sale
1928/29 Model A Ford truck box
Complete and in good condition, no rust
For Sale
Collection of Restorer magazines
January 1989 - December 2020. All in binders in perfect shape.
For Sale
Bargains for Club Members!
( Updated July 28/22) Since beginning to do restorations in 1993, I have accumulated a variety of Model A items excess to my needs. Many of them are the kind of items one usually doesn't accumulate so feel free to contact me before searching farther afield or calling a retailer for something you might want.
For Sale
Model "A" Ford parts
(Set) 1928-29 Cowl lamps, tail light, head light lens. Set of 1929 Alberta licence plates.
For Sale
Restored Powerhouse Generators
Original 1928 powerhouse restored generators for sale. Various P1, P2 & P3 models subject to availability. Cdn. & US Mfg. Price vary w/ exchange and core trade-in availability. For further details or inquiries contact anyone below. Location - Calgary , Alberta
Dan Adams:
(403) 238-9616
Murray Walkemeyer:
(403) 809-5277
My first model A pickup
Thrashed is OK want a project not a trailer queen. Close to Kamloops.

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