The SCMAFC 'Script'     2019  


January   Fourth Tupper Coupe Status Report
                 Early Equalizer Brake System
                 Thank you to our Advertisers



February   News from the Past Page
                  SCMAFC Snowbirds Meet in Arizona
                  The Biggest Christmas Present - Part 7
March   Heritage Park’s ‘Rust to Glory’ Display
              ‘On the Road’ by Greg Williams
               Reviewing an Earlier Warning
               Dipstick Oil Analysis
               2019 Touring Schedule
April   Upholstery Supplier declares bankruptcy
           2019 Touring Schedule
           April 2019 MAFCA President’s message
           Congratulations Michael Callander!
May  SAFETY CHECKS: Why do them?
          2019 Safety Inspection Details
          2019 Touring Schedule
          SCMAFC Safety Checklist
June  2019 Spring Safety Check Day
          Bowness High School Show and Shine
          Tupper Car Project - Rear End
          2019 Beverley Seniors Centre
September   The 2019 NW Regional Meet
                     SCMAFC Model A Car Rally
                     Upcoming SCMAFC Activities
October  Heritage Park Brunch poster
                SCMAFC 2019 Fall Memorial Tour
                Sept. 2019 Memorial Roster
                Christmas Party Announcement
November   Tribute to a Great Man
                     Ron Carey Bio
                     Andy Smith’s Truck Update
                     64 Years Later.....
                     Towing your Model A on a Trailer
December   SCMAFC Organizational Structure 2020
                    Overall Organizational Structure
                    Model A Debate